• forming function

    by design!

  • Fluid organic shapes

    inspired by nature!

  • Opening the box

    of design!

nature-inspired shapes and artisanal designs
Concrete, wood, stained glass and metal!

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concrete countertops

A top that has a feel of leather yet is as hard as stone.


wood cabinets, bases

Heirloom Quality Wood Creations


stained and

leaded glass

New creations, restorations


floating glass & metals

Here is just one example of "Floating Glass". The concept is wonderful... add more square footage without blocking the view.


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Think of your existing space as a blank canvas. Allow me to become the paint brush, and concrete, wood, metal and leaded or stained glass the medium.

I specialize in nature-inspired organic fluid shapes and artisanal designs. My goal is to create functional sculptures that reflect your personal taste. I welcome working with you and/or your designer.

A design company with the capabilities of producing custom concrete countertops, sculptures and art as well as heirloom quality wood cabinets, tables and benches. Additionally, we produce traditional and modern stained/leaded glass pieces. Need any of the above restored? Kulish Design can help.

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